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Curiosity breeds young parents

  • March 6, 2017

    Love, the best performed extra curriculum activity in campus .during your younger ages mum advised that it was during college that u had to have a girlfriend. I have come to agree that surely it is for what I observed all over campus. You meet people of a diverse culture and it’s fun to interact with them and trying to accommodate them with what at first seems Weird to you while you end up doing the same before your college time is up.

    There are those extreme cases where 2 love birds end up getting married and start living together. For during this youthful time we are filled with curiosity and try almost everything. Some end up being parents at an early age, and also during their late semester. It is this time where the pregnant girl has to seek best dissertation services available. Her boyfriend is from a different field of study and despite promising to help in case of any academic issue; he can do nothing in this situation.

    It is a measure of true love, a bulk of responsibility is knocking at your door step. You have to seek for a part time job at the cafeteria to make ends meet; you no longer are boyfriend but a father and a breadwinner for your family.