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Commitment to large goals

  • Beatrice  Hall
    June 29, 2017

    Looking up for emotional reserves to invest into a cause with long term benefits is brave thing to do. Committing oneself for serious studying is a brave decision an individual could make.

    It is not rare to see an individual who sees studies as somewhat alienable activity, completely separated for ones interests and serving just as social grounds of acceptance. These kinds of thinking are not always false, but have some serious shortcomings. First of all, student is aiming to certain goal, for example, becoming a surgeon. An uninterrupted interest in a field could result in lesser temptation to use help writing dissertation thus making it easier for one to do the tasks himself. Making the ability to merge it with one’s life is a must for something complex as making medical manipulations to take a place. It is a firm belief of mine that a surgeon cannot turn his knowledge off in everyday basis and his perspective largely influences by one’s chosen profession.

    It is not necessary a bad thing, but that effect is always present and some individuals with a trained eye could spot them from miles away. Resulting consequences of right action usually accompanies with long needed relief.