How to Eliminate Bitdefender Antivirus Error Code 1010?

  • Bitdefender antivirus has many features that help to keep safe from viruses, malware, and trojans. But many times users encounter Bitdefender antivirus error code 1010 which occurs due to many reasons. But you don’t need to worry. You can easily solve this type of error by applying the best troubleshooting solutions. The given solutions will help to solve this error in a secure way. In case, if the given solutions are unable to solve your problem then you can take the help of our experts to solve this type of error. The experts are always here to help. They will give you one of the best solutions and services. This is a big opportunity to overcome this situation. The professionals are available around the clock at your service. Therefore, you can contact them any time through the Bitdefender Antivirus support number.

    Solutions to remove Bitdefender antivirus error code 1010

    If you are facing this issue on your system then you don’t need to go anywhere. We have a team of experts who have one of the best solutions. To eliminate this type of issue you can apply the below-given steps.

    First of all, you will need to make sure that before you connect to Bitdefender’s VPN, you are properly connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and have a stable internet connection.
    Make sure your system is not trying to connect to other available VPN.
    The firewall configured with force can also create this issue. Make sure it is disabled before enabling the VPN.
    If these precautions do not work to remove this error then you must restart the device.
    Try to connect to a stable network that is working properly.
    Now you need to reinstall the Bitdefender VPN after uninstalling it correctly from the PC.
    Download it again and once you download it then go to the “ Bitdefender interface”. On the left of the screen, go to ‘Privacy’ and go there.
    Then, click on the “VPN control panel. After doing this, choose ‘install Bitdefender VPN”.
    After doing this, you have to change the DNS.
    To change the DNS you need to go to ‘control panel’ then ‘Network and internet’, then “Network and Sharing Center”, choose “ change adapter settings”, then “ properties”.
    In the list of connection items, choose “internet protocol version 4,’ and then hit properties.
    Now you must select one of the following DNS servers: Preferred DNS server:, secondary DNS server: If you can’t change the DNS server, then you need to contact Bitdefender customer service.

    Through the help of the above solutions, you can easily fix this error. If you have any queries and questions regarding this antivirus then you can contact the professionals at any time around the clock. To communicate with the professionals call on Antivirus support number +(1)-888-846-5560.
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