How much increment in the salary can expect by doing a PMP Cert

  • How much increment in the salary can we expect by doing a PMP certification?

    An individual will want to access all the information about PMP certification training and the salary increment before taking a big step for it. Then only you can decide whether this certification is worth your time and money. There are factors on which PMP salary is based on for example number of years of experience, size of the company, title, etc. This article will help you out with PMP certification and salary.

    Salary increase- A fruit:

    PMP Certification salary hike is a fruit for any individual after doing so much of hard work. An individual has to go through 36 Hours of the Instructor Led Online Sessions and 54 Hours of E-learning Sessions to apply for project manager certification: PMP Certification.

    Factors of salary increase:

    Being a PMP Certified, you can expect A 20% increment in your salary compared to the ones who are non-certified. Therefore, 20% of salary growth is clear. Now, have you ever thought what is the basis of a salary survey of PMP Certification? Some factors determine the salary after the PMP certification training . They are:

    ·        PMP Salary by country:

    Based on survey, it is found that Switzerland comes first in the category of highest salary for PMP. While the United States comes third and the United Arab Emirates is 10th in the list.

    ·        Salary by experience:

    If you have a good experience in Project management, would you expect the salary increase? The answer can be yes but let us tell you that the increase is not uniform across the countries. In South Africa, an individual can get a 47% increase in the PMP Certification salary if you hold PMP for more than 10 years. However, Singapore tops the list as the difference in the salary of three years’ experience and twenty years of experience is a whopping 177%.

    ·        Salary of job:

    If you are a Project manager (Information Technology), you can expect a salary of $65,161 – $125,836. If you are a Program Manager, then you can expect an amount of $68,150 – $139,552.

    These are the fundamentals of salary increase in PMP.