Best 8 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

  • From the previous not many years, versatile applications are becoming such a great amount of quicker than any time in recent memory. A similar speed brought about the presentation of numerous new programming dialects and updates in existing ones. In the event that you are an App Developer in Mobile Application Development Company Austin, coding is one of the most prevalent and compensating propensities you can have in this mechanical period. Because of origin, an assortment of programming dialects may befuddle you to pick the best for your case. However, don't have to stress; we have your back. In this blog, we will talk about the best 8 dialects for coding that each product engineer should know to use in coding the product programs.

    Before we continue in subtleties, I need to rundown out a few highlights of the best programming language that can influence the choice:






    Programming Environment



    JavaScript is the top programming language with the most donors in all size of associations over the world. It is discreetly difficult to be a product developer nowadays without consolidating JavaScript somehow or another.

    As per a study in 2018, JavaScript is the most mainstream language from consistently six years. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is pivotal to front-end web improvement. A great deal of the most prevalent destinations of web, from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and YouTube, depend on JavaScript to create intuitive site pages and powerfully show substance to the client. There are likewise an assortment of libraries and structures planned to make JavaScript improvement simpler. It is one of the friendliest programming dialects for the tenderfoots.


    Java is a universally useful language and has been a pillar in the PC world for over 20 years. It is so well known in light of the fact that it runs on the marvels of "compose once, run all over". Java is object-situated and you can code Java programming on any gadgets, aggregate into low-level machine code lastly executed on any stage by utilizing Java Virtual Machine (JVM). What's more, this makes Java, exceptionally perfect with cross-stage.

    It is a reason for the Mobile Application Development Company in Austin working framework and the most widely recognized language for creating Android applications. With such a large number of good aims and an assortment of business applications, having huge adaptability and java is unsurpassed apprentices' decision.


    Python is the most easy to use programming language. It is said that Python's grammar is clear, instinctive and practically English-like, which settles on it a mainstream decision for tenderfoots. Like Java, Python likewise has a wide scope of uses that make it a flexible, amazing choice when picking the best programming language. Because of its basic capacity library and perfect structure, it underpins neural systems and improvement of NLP arrangements. When contrasted with Java and C++, it is quicker being developed. Python's information applications settle on it a splendid decision for the scholastically.


    PHP is another ground-breaking choice for web designers. This language is made to keeping up the motivation behind Personal Home Page (PHP) and it powers 83% of sites comprehensively. PHP is obviously a scripted language which works on a server and used to make pages written in HTML. It has been a basic back-end apparatus for tech monsters like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo. PHP is likewise mainstream for WordPress content administration framework (CMS). It additionally moves information through questioning databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL.

    Much the same as JavaScript, PHP additionally offers an assortment of systems like Laravel and Drupal which help designers to make applications quicker and make them sans bug and secure.

    C# (C-Sharp)

    Following up is C#. It is a solid, present day, and item arranged coding language created by Microsoft in 2000. It offers quicker execution and has less reaction time which is applied in web crawlers and the advancement of PC games. C++ licenses broad utilization of calculations and it is proficient in utilizing factual AI strategies. Another essential factor is that C++ bolsters the re-utilization of projects in the advancement procedure because of legacy and information stowing away, so it is effective in time and cost sparing. C++ is likewise proficient for AI and neural system.


    Quick is as smooth as its name. It is created by Apple in 2014. It is an accumulated programming language for different stage applications like iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux. Quick is a splendid method to compose programming whether it is for cell phones, work areas, servers or whatever other thing that runs code. Quick is universally useful, an open-source language and inviting for new clients. It is viewed as a quick, secure, and simple to peruse and investigate.

    In contrast to Objective-C, Swift needs less code, takes after normal English. Thus, it gets simpler for existing geeks from JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++ to change to Swift problem free.


    C is an old programming language that is still well today. Since the presentation during the 1970s, C has affected PC programming, in spite of its sheer expectation to absorb information. There is a wide scope of dialects in the C family that have been either gotten from C or exceptionally impacted by its language structure, builds, and ideal models, for example, Java, Objective-C, and C#. It is the reason for the Linux OS and is frequently utilized for programming installed frameworks in Android Application Development Company in Austin.

    One of the most immediate successors of C language is C++. It is created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983. C++ is an article arranged programming language and a superior choice when creating more significant level applications. It is an explicitly mainstream decision for PC designs, computer games and augmented reality (VR).


    SQL represents Structured Query Language is utilized to work databases incorporate putting away, controlling and recovering information for the social database the executives framework. SQL keeps information exact and secure, and it likewise helps in keeping up the trustworthiness of databases, regardless of its size. It is created at IBM in 1974 and industrially discharged in 1979. This language is straightforward, solid, and gives selective database the executives to engineers.

    Today SQL is utilized crosswise over web structures and database applications. On the off chance that you are all around experienced in SQL, you can have better order over information investigation and compelling basic leadership.

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