Elevate your look by donning luscious Eyelash perm | Extention

  • Ever since I was introduced to makeup by my friend, I never looked back ongoing for a pale look again. My favorite feature to highlight remains the eyelash extensions and I found the best salons in Singapore who offer grooming services and import prices on them.

    The eyelash extensions from Singapore remain my favorite, and the best part is that the eyelash extensions Singapore price is nominal as per the quality and thickness they are offered at. I often have during my visit to Singapore ensured to get myself pampered at the salon there and never miss out on the eyelash extensions. If you are trying them for the first time, please go for a tester to check which length and thickness and shade suit you the best. Eyelashes have the power to affect the look of your makeup drastically and can bring shape and expression to your eyes.

    Facts of right eyelash extensions for your face type

    Eyelashes are to be picked basis quality, thickness and are to be maintained well. Once placed, let them rest for 2-2.5 hrs without messing with them and avoid getting water and humidity on them for a minimum of 12 hours at least. When you are trying to remove the eyelash extensions, ensure you also buy the best removal products. Singapore is a place where one can find the best milk, cream-based eye makeup removers, isn’t that awesome?

    These Eyelash extensions Singapore do not force one to rub or touch them often. They fit so well that there needs to check on the time and again, which even the touch-ups are on.

    I can’t stop the beaming of the eyelash extensions that are available in Singapore! They are voluminous and spot-on that mascara as add or even a curler is not of necessity. They fit in perfectly in one set up. You get to apply for the extensions over each of your individual natural lash which is not the case with cluster and strip lash.

    I strongly recommend the next time you visit, or a friend goes do try the salons. The Eyelash perm Singapore price is nominal and hence it is a must-try out. You would be in love with them and beam like me! Cheers!