How To Delete My Hotmail Account In Quick Time

  • Like as we create some accounts as per the requirement, also we require to delete some files. Here I am talking about Hotmail when we see the least use of Hotmail we need to delete it. Most of the people do not know how to delete the Hotmail account in a very short time. However, Hotmail is a very great invention of Microsoft but since many other platforms took over the market therefore sometimes is feels to delete the Hotmail. Now a day everything is being based out of android mobile or iPhone. People who installed the Hotmail over the android as well as on iPhone also seek help for deleting the Hotmail from their particular operating system based mobile.

    Following a few steps, any users can delete Hotmail from their Android mobile phone:

    1- Open your Android-based mobile phone and sign-in into your account.

    2- After that, you have to go to the geared icon or you can say Setting.

    3- An option named Account Setting would appear, go to that account setting.

    4- After that, you have to select an advanced account setting.

    5- Then and there you will be able to see the option Remove Account.

    6- It will ask you to confirm the request that you have made.

    7- Users are advised to click on the OK button so that confirmation could be made.

    The above steps are very useful for those who are willing to delete the Hotmail account in android within a couple of minutes.

    Following the below steps any user can delete or remove Hotmail from their iPhone:

    1- In your iPhone, go to the Hotmail account login section.

    2- Here you have to provide your email address and password of Hotmail correctly.

    3- From the setting option you have to go to the account setting option.

    4- If you see the below section you will find the option close account, click on it.

    5- After clicking the options user will be asked whether they are sure to close the account or not.

    6- Just press the Yes option to provide your confirmation.

    7- Just click on Done when you have completed all the steps.

    For iPhone users, it is very important to know the process to delete Hotmail account in iPhone in few steps. There are millions of people of iPhone users but the numbers of users are less as compared to android users. In the support system of the iPhone and android both millions of queries coming every day just for asking the process of email deletion. In case any user does not know how to tackle the deletion process of Hotmail then they are advised to contact the support team. The support team is highly educated and thus they are completely able to provide the top-notch solutions for every asked question.

    There are several media of communication for getting help. User can contact through live chat, directly by calling and also via email. Any service can be used free of cost and is available 24 by 7 round the clock. The live chat is the most chosen medium of communication because a concerned user gets live support on live chat.

    Process for deleting Hotmail from other devices:

    1- Apart from the android and iPhone if in windows you want to remove the Hotmail from, then sign–in to your Hotmail account.

    2- The final destination is to go to the more option which could be achieved by going to the inbox.

    3- In the dialog box you will find the manage account option.

    4- Go to the first option account detail and provide the username and password and make sure the information should be correct.

    5- In the below section an option close account would be available.

    6- When you click on this option then you will be redirected to the question page that will ask you why you want to close your account.

    7- Answer the question accordingly and click on proceed.

    8- For the confirmation click on the Ok button.