Firefox Not Responding Struggles, Instant Resolve

  • Working fruitfully whereas coping with a Firefox not responding scenario is a touch unsatisfying sometimes and facing Firefox not responding. however let’s be honest: Firefox has its benefits and if it had been buzzing on cleanly after you initial started exploitation it, there should be a way to repair this current erratic and hard behavior of your favorite browser, no?


    The truth is, there square measure variety of various potential reasons why things will begin to travel wrong with Firefox (and the other browser, for that matter). That being aforesaid, you may perceive that it’s just about not possible to come back up with one straightforward answer which will take care of all the potential problematic things that may gift themselves on your laptop and fix Firefox not responding. (Although playacting a straight re-installation of Firefox can assist you to induce out of bothering in quite a ton of various situations, however that may simply be a touch overkill. Keep reading to search out out more).


    The goal I had in mind once penning this article is to produce a variety of Firefox not responding troubleshooting steps that you just will simply perform yourself by following my step by step directions before you've got to decide the pc repair guy.

    Troubleshooting The Firefox Not Responding Annoyances

    The first factor you ought to do after you square measure experiencing Firefox not responding troubles is to use the constitutional reset practicality (That is if the Firefox not responding downside isn’t preventing you to perform any action the least bit. If the Firefox not responding standing is admittedly preventing you to perform any action the least bit, you may get to re-install Firefox altogether to come back to an operating answer. Keep reading for this).


    Before we have a tendency to select a whole re-installation of your browser tho', we are going to initial try and refresh Firefox.


    A lot of individuals don’t recognize this, however, Firefox will have its own constitutional downside cleaner. Whenever you launch it, it'll create a spic-and-span Firefox profile for you whereas protective your bookmarks, cookies, passwords, and kind auto-complete data and fix Firefox not responding. making a contemporary new profile can assist you to get eliminate the doubtless hard quirks in your recent profile.


    To access this reset practicality, click the hamburger icon (the 3 horizontal lines close to the highest right corner of the screen) then click the punctuation facilitate icon.


    Then, click “Troubleshooting information” within the facilitate menu.


    Firefox can currently open a screen with a full bunch of troubleshooting Firefox not responding data, however, what we’re fascinated by right here is that the box with the “Give Firefox a tune-up” heading. Look therein box for the button that says “Refresh Firefox”.


    Click the Refresh Firefox button currently. Firefox can show you a dialog wherever it says that it'll take away add-ons and customizations and restore your browser settings to default. during this dialog, click the Reset Firefox button.


    As a result, Firefox can shut and behind the scenes, it'll produce a contemporary profile for you in order that you'll be able, to begin with, Firefox not responding as if it had been freshly put in on your laptop. This method might take a short while and once it’s prepared Firefox can start once more. As a consequence of the new profile, Firefox might prompt you to line it as your default browser. It’s up to you if you wish that or not, however during this example right here I’m choosing “Not now” as a result of I would like to stay net someone as my default browser.


    Firefox can currently inform you that settings are rebuilt to defaults (while protective your bookmarks, passwords, etc) which it’s able to continue wherever you left off (with the choice of restoring your windows and tabs).


    In several cases, merely refreshing Firefox can cure several Firefox not responding problems, thus be at liberty to ascertain out whether or not or not this has resolved your problems.


    If it hasn’t, it’s time to create a future move.


    Creating a brand new Places info

    Firefox uses a “places” info to stay your browsing history and bookmarks of the day. typically this places info will become corrupt and cause every kind of bother. making a brand new one will then solve your Firefox not responding issues. Please note that making brand new place info implies that you may lose this information.


    In order to form a brand new place’s info to combat the annoying issue, you’ll go on to the places info file. I’ll show you ways to induce there while not beginning Firefox (just in case the Firefox not responding issue is prohibiting you to try and do something in Firefox at all). Please note that you just ought to confirm to shut Firefox initial before continuing with future steps.


    Press the Windows emblem key on your keyboard + the letter e to open up File someone.


    Windows can currently open File someone, which is able to look like this.


    Now, within the address bar of your File someone window, sort precisely the following text (you will copy-paste it below here):




    And then press ENTER. which will take you a step nearer to the folder wherever Firefox keeps the places data.

    Inside that folder, you sometimes have one folder with “default” within the name, like during this image.


    Double-click that folder to arrive wherever Firefox keeps the places file.


    Now seek the file named “places.SQLite” (you might scroll down a bit) ...


    ... and rename that file to places.slite.old


    Next, if you've got a file referred to as places.sqlite-journal, rename that to places.sqlite-journal.old (not all systems have this file thus don’t worry if you don’t see it).


    When you’re prepared to rename the file(s), startup Firefox not responding once more. it'll mechanically produce a brand new places info and your Firefox not responding issue could also be resolved.

    Re-installing Firefox

    If none of the higher than has helped to repair your Mozilla Firefox not responding downside, you’re most likely best off re-installing Mozilla Firefox. this implies that you just initial ought to uninstall Firefox from your system. If you’re undecided a way to re-install it once more once it's been removed, please talk over with my article concerning downloading Mozilla Firefox and putting in Mozilla Firefox.


    In order to proceed with the un-installation of Firefox, do as follows.


    Press the Windows emblem key + x to open the Windows ten fast link menu.


    In the fast link menu, choose “Control Panel” from the list.


    In the control panel, confirm that “View by Category” is chosen then click “Uninstall a program”.


    Windows can then build a listing of all of your put in programs (this might take a while).


    In this list of programs, choose Mozilla Firefox (you might scroll down a touch to search out it) then click uninstall.


    The Mozilla Firefox uninstall wizard can come back up thus click next to induce started.


    In the next screen, click the uninstall button to continue.


    A few moments later, Firefox can show the ultimate uninstall screen within the wizard. Click end to complete.


    In the list of put in programs, you'll additionally realize “Mozilla Maintenance Service” in addition. Uninstall this exploitation of identical steps as delineate higher than.


    Once Mozilla Firefox has been removed, restart your laptop before moving future steps.


    After the restart, proceed with the installation of Mozilla Firefox, as delineate in my article concerning putting in Firefox not responding.


    After following the steps to put in a contemporary instance of Firefox on your system, you shouldn’t be experiencing any Firefox not responding problems any longer.

    Re-installing Your Antivirus Program

    Re-installing Firefox may be a pretty profound maneuver that ought to unremarkably end in a contemporary, new Firefox program on your laptop, however, I actually have seen things wherever this still didn’t fix the matter.


    In my expertise, what has helped once all of the higher than steps were unsuccessful, was to perform a reinstallation of the antivirus program to fix Firefox not responding. I don’t recognize what antivirus program you're exploitation on your laptop, thus I won’t describe the steps thoroughly to re-install your antivirus program.


    The steps square measure just about identical because the steps you probably did to uninstall Mozilla Firefox from your laptop, however, in fact, you would like to create certain that you just will transfer and install the mandatory package to re-install your antivirus package to resolve Firefox not responding. If you've got a free antivirus answer on your laptop, you'll be able to simply transfer the package from the manufacturer’s web site, however just in case you’re running a paid antivirus program, please confirm that you just have the installation media at hand to perform a re-installation.

    I hope this text has helped you to repair your Firefox not responding problems. Please share your experiences within the section below, I’d appreciate it, thanks!