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  • AOL Mail, additionally known as AIM Mail, maybe a recent development in America Online's long (by web standards) history. AOL has invariably offered e-mail service, however solely to its paying customers and solely through it’s proprietary, all-in-one software package. However, within the spring of 2005, AOL launched its 1st free Webmail service, called AOL Mail. Here is the AOL mail technical support number for AOL email support.


    AOL Mail differs from AOL's ancient e-mail program as a result of it does not need special software packages, and it's accessible for complimentary to anyone, not simply AOL subscribers. AOL mail technical support number for AOL mail users. AOL Mail, like different netmail programs, runs over the web victimization commonplace net browsers like web human, Firefox, Safari, et cetera. AOL Mail users merely head to, enter their login data and begin causation e-mails.


    You can still transfer AOL's all-in-one web software package and use the inherent e-mail program (the latest is termed AOL Desktop and it's free). For the needs of this text, we're reaching to target the netmail version of AOL Mail.


    AOL launched AOL Mail as a part of its move from a subscriber-based service to an online portal. By 2005, Yahoo, MSN, and Google had already established themselves as free net portals wherever guests might catch abreast of news and access Web-based e-mail, IM and calendar programs [source:]. AOL email technical support number for AOL support.


    For AOL to contend within the net portal race, it required to up the ante, thus it discharged AIM Mail with 2GB of free storage, an outsized variety at the time. AOL currently offers unlimited cupboard space with all AOL Mail accounts. AOL mail technical support number.


    In this HowStuffWorks article, we're reaching to make a case for precisely however AOL Mail works, from putting in place associate degree account to the service's basic and advanced options. Let's start.

    How AOL Mail Works

    To get started with associate degree AOL Mail account, go to and click on the button that says "Get FREE AOL Mail." you may then be asked to decide on associate degree e-mail address (example: and positive identification for your account. AOL mail technical support number for AOL users. If you have already got an associate degree AIM screen name, you'll use your existing screen name and positive identification to log into AIM Mail. you may mechanically run associate degree AIM Mail address supported your screen name (example:


    When you 1st log into AOL Mail, the most a part of the screen is concerned with scrolling headlines from AOL News. All of the particular e-mail functions are placed on the left aspect of the screen.


    There you will see an inventory of icons and folders, the primary being Inbox. Your inbox is wherever all of your received e-mails ar hold on. For support connect with AOL email technical support number. Click on the inbox icon and you will be taken to the inbox read a written account list of received e-mails from newest to oldest.


    To browse associate degree e-mail within the inbox, click thereon, and it will open. All of the fundamental actions for responding to and managing e-mail ar placed at the highest of the window:


    Reply helps you to write a message back to the sender or to all or any recipients

    Forward helps you to forward the e-mail on to a different party

    The Action button may be a pull-down menu with advanced structure choices like marking a message as new, tired a message, moving it to different folders, printing it, et cetera

    Delete sends the message to your Trash folder, additionally placed on the left-hand aspect

    Spam sends the message to your Spam folder and can facilitate AOL Mail technical support number determine future spam

    To write associate degree e-mail, either hit "Reply" to associate degree existing message or the "Compose" button at the screen's high left to form a brand new message. AOL Mail technical support number comes with a chic text data formatting palette that enables you to vary fonts, text and background color, text alignment and a lot of. Those tools are placed right higher than the big text box.


    You can attach a picture or the other file victimization the Attach File button. And you'll spell check your message with the orthography button at the highest of the window. Click on misspelled words to examine the recommended corrections. once you are glad together with your message, press the Send button at the highest of the screen. AOL mail technical support number. If you are not prepared, you'll press the Save Draft button to avoid wasting the message in your Drafts folder on the left.


    Below the Trash folder are 2 icons for Contacts and Calendar. Contacts are the same as an associate degree address books in different e-mail programs. after you click on Contacts, a brand new window can open wherever you'll add new contacts, fill in their e-mail addresses and different contact data, and organize them into lists.


    Click the Calendar button to open the integrated calendar application. Hit the New Event button to feature an occurrence, appointment or meeting to the calendar. AOL mail technical support number you will be asked to call the event set the date and time, indicate whether or not it repeats (daily, weekly, et cetera), and got wind of a reminder alert. you'll additionally add an occurrence description and a location that mechanically links to Mapquest.


    Now let's check up on a number of the newer and a lot of advanced options of AOL Mail technical. For more information about the AOL email call at AOL mail technical support number.