Why I fell in love with Trance music

  • I fell in love with Trance music the moment I heard it for the very first time. No, I didn’t hear it on the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 rupees, rather I heard it in a big club where the sound was extremely good. The moment I heard it, I really felt like I was looking for this sound all my life.


    I think what really got me were the melodies and the pumping basslines. I have also liked lyrics all my life and in Trance music, the lyrics are very deep. Since it is a sub-genre of electronic music, there is obviously a lot of repetitiveness, but I kind of liked it because of how it made me feel. Trance music really takes you to a different world altogether. It lifts up your spirit and makes you have positive thoughts about yourself and your future.


    Although I like instrumental Trance music, I’m a big fan of vocal trance too. Sometimes, I have to spend a lot of time to find out the lyrics of the song that I like, but I enjoy every part of it. What is even more thrilling for me is finding the meaning of the songs. Often, the lyrics used in trance music do not straightaway depict the meaning behind the words, so if you really want to know what the songwriter is talking about, you have to put some thought into it.


    It has been so many years since the day I heard Trance for the first time. But even today, I like it so much. I think music can really help people during their struggle. It not only gives them the patience to handle things but also helps them in developing a positive outlook towards life.