Try these precise solutions to fix Canon Printer Error 5800

  • Canon printers are meant to offer legitimate performance for the most part. These machines are designed to keep you abreast of day to day printing hassle. Quality printing is the USP of the Canon Printer. Though Canon Printers render hassle-free performance, there are some issues like error code 5800 which remain stagnant with them. Below we have mentioned some crucial information on this error code. You can go through this information in details and extort the imperative points to fix this error code. 


    Solution 1:- Discard the faulty Waste Ink Absorber with the new one

    Prompt replacement of a waste ink absorber is the key to resolve this problem in the first attempt. Just follow the given guideline carefully to complete this replacement process.

    • With your Canon Printer switched off while being connected to the power source. Press the “Power” and the “Stop/ Reset” button at the same time.
    • While your printer is booting up, make sure to press the “Stop/Reset” switch two times while pressing the power button at the same time.
    • This action will lead your printing device to the Service mode.
    • Once power notification light turns out green, press the “Stop/Reset” button four times to select the waste ink counter reset.
    • Now it’s turn to power on your Canon Printer. If the error code is not resolved, follow the next method promptly.

    Solution 2:- Try to run the printer in the service mode

    By running the printer in the service mode will let you free from any troubleshooting process. It is because, under this condition, the printer will bypass the flaw and try to operate normally. If possible, try getting rid of the ink residue in the printer with the help a napkin or a lint-free cloth.

    • Switch off your printer and explore the Menu option.
    • Now make sure to opt for service mode. To do so, hit the “SCAN”, “COPY” and “SCAN” buttons in the given order.
    • Now you have to take advantage of the “+ key” in order to reach out for “COUNTER ACCESS” option. Don’t forget to press the OK button to move further in the process.
    • Now you will be prompted by the page counter option. Here you can check out your printing volume (number of pages printed in the past).
    • Press the OK button to continue.
    • Hit the Copy key and then utilize the “-key” to select the numeric value (0).
    • Press the OK button to continue.
    • Now use the + symbol to choose the SCAN PAGE COUNT. Here you need to set this counter to zero.
    • Now you have to do the same thing with “ABS-M DONT COUNT”.
    • After you set the “ABS-M DONT COUNT” counter to zero, press OK button.

    Now all you have to do is to hit the “Stop/Reset” Button and switch off the machine. Next, unplug the power cable and check out your PC screen for the message that states-  INVALID KEY. If you find this message, unplug the power cable from your machine and reconnect after a few seconds. If your machine encounters this error code again then you get instant online assistance from the professionals of Canon Printer Support.