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  • When preparing a wedding, the creation of a perfect image ultimately falls on the shoulders of the bride. The preparation consists of choosing a wedding dress and accessories for it, a bouquet, makeup, and hairstyles. All these elements are equally important and require separate training. However, one of the essential choices for the bride's styling is indeed to select who is going to take care of the makeup. How to do this?

    Is a rehearsal of wedding makeup important?

    This allows her to "try on" a wedding image. See if the composition of the dress, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, etc. The opportunity to know in advance about the preliminary preparation of the face for wedding makeup. The bride will receive recommendations from the makeup artist on how to maintain the makeup throughout the day.

    Rehearsal is necessary not only for the bride but also for the makeup artist himself. The makeup artist will be able to accurately determine the condition of the bride's skin, see all the features of her face, and choose the makeup that will become a harmonious part of her image. You can experiment with makeup in a relaxed atmosphere, find out what to be prepared for on your wedding day. The makeup artist can offer and do what the bride does not expect. Ask everything you want to know about the Top fashion makeup artists.

    Start your search long before the occasion

    When choosing a makeup artist, be guided by the following rules. Start your makeup artist search as early as possible. With all the wealth of choice, finding a suitable master is quite tricky. A good makeup artist is always busy, so you should decide on an option 1-2 months before the wedding. Be sure to meet up with a makeup artist before the wedding. Even if you have received the best recommendations about him, it is worth talking in person.

    In most cases, the bride calls the makeup artist at home. The date and time of the wedding makeup must be booked. When booking, a deposit is paid. Reservation is a guarantee that the makeup artist will surely do his work on time and cannot refuse to do it.

    Remember these points before finalizing the offer

    Although there is a risk of encountering a false master who uses photographs of other people's works for his advertising. It is also worth paying attention to how much photos are processed in the portfolio - Photoshop is always visible. If the collection contains only professional photographs, this should alert. If you have any important event on your nose, be sure to do makeup rehearsal. Feel free to ask the master questions, both by phone and in person. If they answered you uncertainly and crumpled, most likely, this is an inexperienced master, with a lack of professional education.

    Be sure to pay attention to what kind of cosmetics the masterworks on - often network sellers call themselves professional makeup artists whose task is to sell you the goods. Study the work of the master before and after - how much the transformation turned out to be beautiful, and not just technically well executed. The best makeup artist subtly feels the client, preserving individuality and emphasizing all the advantages of appearance. Pay attention to the cost of makeup - professional makeup will not be cheap.

    The best way is real customer reviews. Now in every city, there are real blogs, chats, groups where you can ask a question, and they will recommend an excellent freelance makeup artist. You can ask whether the master conducts training - a beginner will not engage in teaching activities. An important point is the appearance of the master himself - he must be neat, dressed with taste, look stylish.

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    Just as choosing the wedding dress causes a lot of enthusiasm, knowing which professionals to trust the wedding hairstyle and the beauty of your face is also decisive to dazzle the big day as well as you must take several other aspects in consideration such as cost, experience, service, professionalism, etc. Keeping all these things in mind, hiring the makeup artist is not easy. So, what you do? 

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