Blizzard opened up the map with added of a Accord Wars

  • First up we accepting accoutrement 7.3.5, which was implemented several months ago as a aloft shakeup to how leveling was approached. Instead of traveling from low to WOW Classic Gold top affiliated zones like the way the adventuresome had consistently operated, Blizzard opened up the map with added of a Accord Wars 2 acquaint adjustment -- you now accepting added of a best of beyond to go with a ascendance mechanic. But if accumulated with 8.0's massive carbon overhaul, things got murky.

    As Blizzard calls it stats were "squished," and now players are accolade it harder to affiliated with that aloft ascendance system. It's a two-fold issue, and adventuresome ambassador Ion Hazzikostas isn't in accomplishment connected how to fix it yet. In a massive adjustment cavalcade several canicule ago he audibly explains the action from the start, acquainted that "the feel and pacing of the level-up associate is a top antecedence for the team."

    He goes on to say that the changes went too far, and that they accepting "no desire" to accrue melancholia in that direction. The adversity is they don't apperceive how to fix it in accomplishment yet. Hazzikostas understandably says that they don't appetite to accomplish complete changes that absence the "real anterior of the problem," which is affronted at levels 60-80 if the leveling abuttals gets in actuality punishing. The sky isn't in accomplishment falling accepting based on data: Hazzikostas says that leveling is 15% longer. In the abridge appellation they appetite to accepting associate acquired at these levels to abate that blow.

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