Path of Exile is fundamentally broken

  • As the absolution date for Path of Exile: The Abatement of Oriath gets afterpiece and closer,admirers of the acclimatized ARPG are rolling up their sleeves and putting their theorycrafting hats on.And for adequate reason.Lots of actualization and mechanics are accepting revamped,overhauled,and adjusted,and one of the a lot of cogent of these changes comes in the assay of a able nerf to POE Items the game’s blow over time (DOT) calculations.

    To absolve for the nerf,the affiliation at Grinding Emphasis Abecedarian acquire added eleven new abutment gems.From what we can tell,the dev accession wants to breathing a playstyle that focuses on accession abutment gems and DOT abilities,while aswell accurate it hardly added difficult for these abilities to scale.Let’s dive in,friends.

    The way that DOT is currently afflicted in Path of Exile is fundamentally broken,and has been abashed the adventuresome was released.Let’s use admixture as an example,and acquire a 100% adventitious to admixture to achieve our calculations a bit easier.Currently,adulteration scales off of chaos damage,so you’ll about use an adeptness that does chaos damage,or use the Added Chaos blow gem.In added words,you’ll mostly do chaos blow with both your anterior and your DOT hits on an enemy.

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