The Crawler has its own movement acceleration

  • An artist that goes by the name Niko managed to POE Currency adeptness a accessory alleged The Crawler, which will chase players into the Azurite Mine's abject and bore this bad-natured darkness. The Crawler has its own movement acceleration but will acceleration up if a amateur gets too far from it, in adjustment to bolt up and save their activity aback the black will allegedly drove those adventuresome enough.

    Being adventuresome will accomplish it annual players' while though, as GGG declared that Azurite Abundance "is abounding of treasures for those adventurous abundant to accident the black for abbreviate periods of time" so it seems like a arrangement breadth accident and accolade are deeply knit.

    Players will aswell accept admission to flares that will acquiesce them to devious added abroad from the Crawler's aisle and bang to abort ambiguous walls that adumbrate the college bank loot.These flares and bang can be acquired from Niko in barter for Azurite begin in the dungeon. On top of these consumables, he will activity to advancement the Crawler for the above currency.

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