Why is my Google not responding to my voice? Get all the inform

  • There might be any reason behind seeing this issue but that is not a problem to waste time on. Sometimes, it is normal to see this kind of error with your Google Voice app but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. You have to fix it as soon as possible. If you have basic knowledge of your mobile, you can fix it by performing a few simple steps. Moreover, all the steps are listed below so that you don’t have to face further trouble with your Google Voice app. 

    • First of all, you should check the Language Settings on your mobile. Check if you have opted for a language in which you talk and you can do that by going to Settings on your device. 
    • Also, you need to check with your device’s microphone if it is working properly. And on finding any issue, fix it immediately. 
    • Additionally, if any virtual assistant like S Voice or Bixby is installed on your mobile, you should disable the app and try to use the OK Google app. There are times when these virtual assistants may create problems in the working of OK Google.


    If these steps won’t help, you should contact the Google support team to get help. Otherwise, you may try for the given steps to resolve the problem. In this way, you will Retrain Voice Model. 

    Steps to fix Google not responding to my voice issue

    • You should open the Settings app on your device. 
    • Then select Google and go to the Search option. 
    • In addition, you will require choosing the Voice option. 
    • Also, you need to be sure that Access with Voice Match is on. 
    • Further, you have to select the Retrain Voice Model and speak OK Google or Hey Google when prompt. 

    Once you complete all the steps, you will not be seeing this problem anymore. Above all, if the information mentioned above won’t help you, you should contact the Google support phone number to get instant help from the technical experts.