Why Bellsouth email not working in Outlook?

  • Bellsouth email not working in outlook is a very common error that occurs due to various reasons like outlook profile is corrupted etc. Bellsouth email users often face this error while using their account in outlook. If you are wondering that why it happens or how to fix this issue then go through the information given below providing solutions for the same:

    Change password or create secure mail key

    You can solve Bellsouth email not working in outlook simply by changing your password. If still issue is not resolved then create a secure mail key with the help of steps given below:

    - Open Bellsouth log in page and select your email

    - Now go to manage secure mail key option and select add a secure mail key

    - Enter a security mail key that you can remember easily and select to create it

    - Click OK after copying secure mail key to clipboard

    - Now replace your password with the secure mail key you have created

    Antivirus check

    Sometime Bellsouth email not working in outlook error occurs due to antivirus prevention. Check if the issue is occurring due to firewall settings in your antivirus and solve the same by adding outlook to the exclusions list in your antivirus software.

    Check account configuration

    Go to email settings and apply for the changes to make the configuration settings correct so that Bellsouth email will start working properly in Outlook.

    Repair corrupted Outlook profile

    Sometime this issue occurs due to the reason that your Outlook profile is corrupted follow the steps given below to correct this:

    - Go to Outlook file option and click info

    - Then go to account settings and select change folder

    - Click Outlook data files then inbox

    - At last save the changes

    You can also dial Bellsouth support phone number and get help regarding the issue you are facing. They provide a very well qualified support team who are always available to help the customers. Bellsouth customers always get satisfactory solution for the problems they ask to Bellsouth customer service experts.