What is Self Service Reporting

  • The relevance of data with the success of an enterprise goes hand-in-hand. What do we know about Self Service Reporting?

    Well, the data is compelling. However, it is self-service reporting that offers all the access we require to the power. Comprehensive analysis is the prerequisite for IT leaders who face challenges with data accessibility that comes with the changing infrastructure management. With Self-Service Business Intelligence, you can profess about the future of your organization and gain access to thorough analysis, reports, and dashboards.

    Business Intelligence (BI) solutions require individual users to be able to access reports and dashboards. The need to hire a data-scientist for every statistical move to be taken within an organization is increasingly becoming redundant. Providing users access to data to help them stay informed with the changing trends is what self-service reporting is all about. It is irrelevant as to which domain or analytical background the user belongs.

    Every company requires a self-service reporting tool for the kind of benefits it offers. Not only to the end user, but for IT and the company itself.

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