Hotmail Outlook Account Recovery Solution

  • Hotmail Outlook Account Recovery Solution

    Your Hotmail account is not taking your last login password maybe because any of the unauthentic users has guessed your password recently and changed it. You need not be worried about its recovery – how to recover Hotmail account when it is blocked– if you won't mind investing some of your important minutes. Microsoft Account Recovery Tool is perhaps one of the most followed methods of recovering a lost Hotmail password. It is reliable too. But we are not going to discuss password recovery via Microsoft Account Recovery Tool.
    Open your browser
    Go to
    Find out the [I forgot my password] at the top of the page and click on it
    Go to the bottom of the page and click [Next]
    Here you are supposed to enter your email address
    Please type in the Hotmail, Outlook, or Live email address for which you want to reset the password. You are also open to enter your Skype username or phone number
    Type the captcha characters that have appeared at the bottom of the page
    Here you are instructed to select any of the account reset options among Text or Email
    Open the recovery email address
    Select the email from Microsoft account team
    Note the code next to the Security Code heading
    Open your phone's Messages app
    Click on the six-digit text from Microsoft
    Note the code in the text message
    Now you will need to enter the recovery code. Go to the middle of the page to get the final answer of how to recover Hotmail account when it is blocked. Type the [Code] and click [Next]. You will be taken to the password reset page. Enter a new password and confirm it! Congratulations! You are ready to make your account login again.