Why yahoo mail not receiving emails

  • Here are some common tricks to fix the yahoo mail not receiving emails problem. You can go ahead and use them for troubleshooting the issue.

    1. Let’s begin with checking the internet connection. ensure that you have the internet on your computer.
    2. Try to reload or refresh the inbox on your yahoo account. Now check if you can see the new emails or not?
    3. Ensure that the yahoo mail server is and working fine in your location if you find the yahoo mail server down. You need to wait until the server will be up and working fine.
    4. Let’s try to access your yahoo account on another browser. Do you receive the emails now? If your answer is yes. It means the problem is related to the web browser. In such a case, you have to optimize the web browser.

    So these are the steps about how to fix can’t receive emails on yahoo account. If you are still facing the same issue, let us know. We will help you in fixing the problem.

    Troubleshoot Can’t Receive emails on yahoo using the outlook application

    If you can receive the emails on the yahoo mail but not receiving them on the outlook or any other third party application. It can be due to the two reasons.

    1. Account has not been successfully configured.
    2. Mail software issue.
    3. Security issue.

    Here, I am sharing the steps about how to fix yahoo mail not receiving emails issue.

    Check The Account configuration – 

    Most of the time, People are struggling with the can’t receive emails on yahoo mail issue due to the wrong account information.

    They configure their account with incorrect information. So you need to double-check the account details using this guide.

    • Open the Outlook and click on files.
    • Now click on accounts.
    • Select your yahoo account and click on edit.
    • Ensure that, you have typed the correct yahoo email address and password if you have changed the yahoo mail password recently. You need to remove the old password from the account and type the new password.
    • Check the incoming server details. Make sure you have entered the correct address for the incoming and outgoing server.

    If you found nothing wrong with the email settings, you need to delete the account from outlook and reconfigure it using the IMAP server.

    Mail Software issue- 

    Sometimes, People can have yahoo mail not receiving emails due to the software issue. So you need to it and then try to reaccess your yahoo account. Let’s see if it is working fine now or not.

    Security Issue-

    Let’s disable the antivirus and other security programs into your computer, and then perform send & receive action. If you can receive the emails. It means, your security programs are blocking the mail application to reach to the yahoo mail server.

    In such a case, you need to keep them disabled.

    However, you are still going through the yahoo mail not receiving emails issue; you need to remove the account from the outlook and configure it again.


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