Meeting Your LOLER Regulations

  • All the companies and business entities that make use of any form of lifting equipment then that business entity should meet the LOLER regulations or Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. The spirit of these regulations is not to make things difficult for the organisation but to ensure the highest level of work place safety.

    As most of the organisations make use of lifting equipment in one or more places within their organisation they need to make sure that they comply with the regulations to avoid attracting legal and compliance related issues. As an employer you are expected to know these regulations and abide by these regulations. You take the ownership of the maintenance and safety issues of the lifting equipment and so you are expected to meet the regulations 100% without any deviations.

    One of the biggest challenges here is the lack of knowledge regarding the LOLER regulations. Without having a clear understanding of these regulations it is not possible for anyone to meet them. However, you cannot pledge ignorance in this regard and you will be liable for all issues cropping up from the LOLER non-compliance.

    LOLER regulations also govern MEWP or Mobile Elevated Work Platform. It is best that all the employees who operate such mobile elevated work platforms are required to go through MEWP Training and be fully qualified and licensed operators even though it is not a legal requirement. Having competent persons to operate and supervise the operations is always part of the safety practices and it will help the organisation save millions in liability cases.

    As LOLER compliance is a legal requirement, it is useful to work with an accredited agency that can take care of the LOLER examinations and MEWP training needs. Such agencies should be authorised centres for offering such examinations and training. Only when the training is offered as per IPAF guidelines the PAL card and the PAL  + card issued will be valid. So it is important to select the LOLER examination experts with great care. There could be many organisations claiming to offer such services but not all of them are equally reliable. Careful review and screening is essential before selecting such service providers. Only upon fully establishing the credibility and the experience level of the organisation any contracts should be signed. These are areas where a company cannot afford to make mistakes. Any oversights in the selection of the LOLER examination companies or with the LOLER inspections could jeopardise the safety levels in the work place making the employer susceptible to liability issues.

    There are number of dependable LOLER inspection and MEWP training companies in the UK but it takes time to screen and spot the right service providers. Companies should not shun away from this exercise because it is just a onetime activity to screen and find the right partners to support the organisation in terms of LOLER examinations. Once the right agency is identified all the ongoing LOLER examination needs could be met by the same company.