Know the Latest Developments in Eye Color Change Procedure!

  • Eye color depends on genetics and may mildly change over the years. But, to have lasting effect on eye colour, surgery to change eye color is an option nowadays. Contact lenses being the less expensive temporarily work around. Those who are looking for permanent eye color alteration can go through an iris implant operation. However, undergoing the procedure needs doctor’s approval.

    How does this alteration take place?

    Eye color change procedure involves destruction of the brown pigments in a brown eye. According to the claims so far, this process is swift and induces no pain whatsoever. It completes quickly within a few minutes. However, the effect does not show just then. It takes at least a couple of weeks to get away with the melanin pigments that were camouflaging the blue colour. A special procedure called IREX LASER is used during the process.

    How safe is this procedure?

    This surgery for changing eye color neither causes harm to the Iris nor scars the tissues in any way. The eyes look extremely natural when lighter colors beneath the dark melanin pigments are revealed. It imparts a natural look so much so that even an ophthalmologist will fail to figure out the colour change.

    How much cost is involved?

    Eye color change procedure can be pretty expensive. It usually costs around five thousand dollars and even more. It may also happen that the surgeon puts on a prosthetic iris instead of working with laser on the iris itself. In this process, he simply spreads the prosthetic one on the natural iris.

    Why go for blue eyes?

    This surgery to change eye color has got immense popularity now and for one main reason. Blue colored eyes have been the measure of beauty for long and are historically significant as well. This newly introduced procedure is based on the principle that underneath every black or brown eye lays the blue pigmentation. Simply taking away the dark pigments can expose the light color beneath. It’s that simple!

    Therefore, this method is gaining incredible response in the US.

    How can one determine one’s eligibility to undergo the process?

    The surgeon or clinician involved has the right knowledge to decide whether a person is suitable for the procedure or not. Even if a person has gone through prior LASIK or PRK surgeries, that shouldn’t be any hindrance to the IREX LASER procedure. Those who already have astigmatism or myopia can also opt for this surgery. However, if a person has suffered cornea clouding or scarring, then he or she may not be eligible for this surgery to change eye color.

    Is this a surgery as everyone calls it?

    This is a non-surgical process, and thus, there are no risks of harmful side-effects. This process absolutely involves no incisions or even injections. A tiny apparatus is used to aid all patients in keeping their lids open during the process. This is a purely cosmetic process involving no side effect whatsoever.

    Profuse clinical research has been conducted on this eye color change procedure which has resulted in this treatment and is the safest option available today.