What is JetBlue Travel Bank?

  • If you are a frequent flyer, than JetBlue has an amazing tool for you i.e. JetBlue Travel Account This account will help you to access any information regarding your JetBlue travel anytime and will make it easier for you to keep track of it. Now who doesn’t want to do that right? Well, this is the reason that JetBlue decided to take care of that with their customers through Travel Bank Account. If you are still unknown about their Travel Bank Account then read this article further to everything about it.

    What is JetBlue Travel Bank account?

    Basically, JetBlue travel bank account is a digital account which holds your travel credits that you have earned through travelling with JetBlue airlines. This account is used as an alternative for credit shells and other travelling vouchers. This account helps you to track your travelling credits online without any difficulty.

    How to access in your JetBlue Travel Bank account?

    After you have created your True Blue account, you can simply access your travel bank account by following the steps below.

    • When you create a TrueBlue account, you will receive two individual welcome emails from JetBlue that will contain your log in details i.e. first email will contain username and your account number and another will contain your password.
    • You can login to your TrueBlue account on the JetBlue's Travel Bank system page.
    • Visit the page and enter your login ID i.e. your username or account number.
    • Enter your password and you are good to go.

    Your Travel Blue account is linked with your TrueBlue account and you can simply manage your travel credits from there.

    What is Travel Bank Statement?

    Travel bank Statement helps you to see your current balance, previous transactions, expiration date of your credits, etc.

    Contact JetBlue Customer Service to Know More about JetBlue Travel Bank

    To know more about JetBlue Travel Bank, you can get in touch with  JetBlue customer service professionals and they will provide you all the relevant information on it.