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  • We'd also be advised that a renowned dog is represented at the ranking. In the Ankamalive team, just Ghostounet manages to grow into Dofus Kamas the heights of the ladder. The server population has shifted considerably since their launch.

    The Brakmariens knew how to pull their Dofus game on 4 servers, leaving the third host in the mercy of the Bontarians. The calculations of this team imply a surplus of Brakmar on the server from mergers. The 2D animation features vibrant characters, magnificent landscapes, tons of cartoony action and profoundly magical outcomes.

    Fifteen years, it's celebrating! And therefore, the DOFUS segment of JeuxOnline has planned a festive program for this month of September 2019. Between competitions and interviews and some surprises, you will quickly know everything. In this letterwe share some first-hand info about what is ahead, so prepare. For this month of September, we have proposed some activities and surprises to observe this in the ideal way.

    We thank ahead of the Ankama team for assisting us by providing the benefits you can get during this month of September. More globally we thank her for her service throughout all these years through cartoons, interviews or events linked with JeuxOnline. We'd also like to thank you, readers, Dofus players, community for your support of our segment, website and forums for all these years. You have significantly contributed to the marketing, allowing many members of Ankama groups to visit our forums to swap with you, discuss and gather your opinion on many points.

    A huge thank you also to all the people who've contributed to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro in their own way to the JeuxOnline staff responsible for DOFUS on its own website or its forums in writing, moderation, cartoon, illustration or growth to have retained the course during these 15 decades. You can even find all these people, from the current team to the oldest members, with this page that is dedicated. Some nicks will certainly be comfortable to you!