The absolute amount of content you

  • As you stated however the whole game was figured out, this means that casuals who normally would have the issues you stated in this very very long comment wont have quite as hard of a time since you speculate because of individuals normally caring less and also being more helpful due to knowledge they have gained over these years and can articulate proper answers to questions suggested by casuals far better than when wow classic gold really released.That doesn't fix the PvP issue(it's unsolvable really). Drop will maintain casual pugs out of carry groups and fulfill pug raids filled with cue loot drama along with hardcore alts/softcore gamers.

    Finally solved leveling is not the least bit interesting and completely ruins the experience, and the longer go efficent the less there are at any time to do group quests (take retail, 7.3.5 made several team quests actually require groups for many classes, nevertheless simply because bothering together is so inefficent so few waste time around searching for people for this. Andi n the event of Classic the proportion of time wasted while performing group quests is actually worse compared to this efficent method).Let's ignore the knowledgable individuals helping out casuals assert, because anticipating people who learned all that to create their gameplay more efficent squander time on helping others goes against the concept. Not to mention again, the aid offered will only make their experience worse.

    They'll help them even though indirectly. The absolute amount of content you can simply buy with gold is just another thing for casuals as well. Hardcore tryhard nerds who dash the material to the finish and do constant high end raids will spend huge wealth on raid consumables with very little downtime to get them or create these matts themselves. This implies with little effort or time spent casuals can make fast cash off the AH then turn around and purchase premade pvp groups full armor sets and also get to raid content because the remaining people in that group need their cash. It's possible to inquire asmongold himself about this he's stated multiple times even though his mother was much more casual of a participant she frequently had better gear simply due to the fact that she perfered to spend her time golden farming and researching which lead to her being able to only buy out the armor she needed. Hell I knew several people in my guild back in the day who would farm and wind up with higher grade armor compared to the remainder of the stunt grade team up before AQ40 and then they just bought premade pvp material to get gear out. A premade will let you sit in base while they stomp a pug for honor they would alrdy be getting with the extra bonus of a couple hundred gold per several runs.

    You can do that, however is that entertaining, is that classic has been fun back in the afternoon? Classic was fun since you were running around like a headless chicken to buy wow gold classic, everybody around you was confused as you, and you tried when you dared enter MC for the very first time it felt as no dungeon. When all is laid out infront of you and your literal pleasure comes from farming bursts of gold to cover off hardcore gamers and purchase gear they do not need(because each BoE raids want they will purchase before you get the opportunity ). That is not interesting, that is a worse version of retail where gold farmers can make their oh. Whenever the pleasure in WoW Classic you have left is what you have to purchase with gold, then. No point should you actually feel that bollocks, arguing.