WoW Classics that stand the test of time

  • I think this is taking a LOT from the vanilla experience and frankly is a turn off for me personally. I am glad that at least they are saying that stage two will, layering gone with wow gold classic. Don't think it ought to be in WoW Classic at the first place. Think that is why the community isn't pleased with it. A good deal of the vanilla neighborhood is coming from private servers today (itself included, although I'm not as hard core for a good deal of these men ) and on private servers that has never been a thing.Yes sharding is poor for Vanilla in the start but I think its good for its longevity. Blizzard clearly needs new players because a fantastic part of the veterans who used to play wont even come back cause mature life to play Vanilla. Now imagine if the first experience for all these new players is a game. . .They wont stay.

    All in all I think"layering" is vital for the first few weeks and up to now, from what they've shown, Im convinced it will be gone before Phase 2. My only problem is that a huge chunk of this Vanilla WoW Classic community is not getting the beta, but the retail players are getting it. I understand that there are some men and women who play retail that also plays with Vanilla, but I spoke to a bunch of high endgame guilds from personal host on a couple of discord servers, and it feels like nobody even has an active WoW Classic sub. Like Blizzard is doing a disservice to the vanilla players who have been enjoying on the private servers for ages, I feel. But as I said, I understand that is only a portion, although there are a few men and women who play .

    As somebody who has been part of be back and forth with the dev's can I ask something like dual spec was left out. I'm curious with quality of life issues like these what the rational was for completely ignoring them when palms down something such as duel spec proved to be a significant improvement for every course that had to respec daily to fit the appropriate raid roll. (People 50g respec's add up). It not being in vanilla and I feel like a feature like this are improvements to experience of this player was simply a case of supervision in the beginning. Could you please shed some light for me.

    WoW Classics that stand the test of time are the ones which are hard and so breed community. . Yeah are the instant gratification people gonna leave after 10mins? What made World of Warcraft good was the problem. I believe one of the developers said"A universe never feels much more expansive compared to when there's something out of reach". . Instant gratification and quality of life things ruin WoW Classics reward market. . You create without doing anything that look/feel will mean nothing to 18, the participant look/feel amazing. However, you make them do an unbelievable amount of work with cheap wow classic gold, banding along with buddies, and finishing dungeons/quests/raids to acquire that gear that few possess. . . The insta-que heirloom bullshit is what killed WoW Classic.