Old school runescape includes a healthy and thriving neighborho

  • Wow dude I was watching your movie called"My perfect MMO" just like 20 minutes ago, and watched a few different movies like seeing new players starting out and such wandering if the game is actually dying like others say. Then I saw how seldom you cited Runescape in that video, but I encounter this.Wow, thank you. Runescape is my favourite game to buy OSRS gold, quite literally. I never played Wow, never played league wheres many gamers have played for decades and it would not be possible to get in to with a all the everyday things in life behind you, we aren't 12 or 15 anymore and these days of playing daily get shortened by the moment.Runescape is the only game I have played for more then 5 years, possibly 10. So you praising makes me feel glad for a game that means a lot for each of us.

    Old school runescape includes a healthy and thriving neighborhood, fantastic economy controlled by players, tons of articles and everything around the world is relevant unlike many of mmos where 90% of articles becomes irrelevant when you hit max level. Not in Runescape. I log into wow and that I get bored cause of the exact same content of raids and wquests. In Runescape I've a whole lot more to do.Content gets polled, individuals have conversations in forums what they want the potential of OSRS to look like and a lot of those ideas individual people generated were put into the match. Developer streams & blogs are held and they want participant opinions and desire players opinion on alterations. Theyre vlogs & not marketing sites.

    You always know weeks or months beforehand what the future updates will be, players react to it very quickly and programmers change the content according to feedback with cheap RS gold. It's the most friendly and productive player > developer communication in any game I've played.True community is thriving can't say anything to that. Economy will shit if you say it isn't you're blind, only look at costs gap in the last 6 months on crafting materials and pvm supplies (blowpipe jumped in price by 4M in two months and scales are essentially double the cost for example). In terms of relevancy... How frequently do you see dorgeshuun or elves.