I have come back into Runescape

  • Old school Runescape is one of the greatest matches of all time. I played with it when I was 10 years old. I am almost 24 now to buy OSRS gold. I have come back into Runescape and stop times througout the years. They say you never truly quit runescape. I haven't played in over a year and Runescape makes me want to come back.If they include stealing creation to old school I would play with it again. I literally got 80+ skills simply to have more fun with it, in Runescape3 that was literally all I did untill combat changed and that prety much murdered the minigame/game. Fantastic video talk with this kind of power and speed that nearly go magnificent after each and every sentence. Truly exicted about the subject matter and we could see how important making Runescape was for you.

    Among my favorite MMORPGS together with pre-Cataclysm WoW. Its distinctive design for the questing and skilling systems is evident from the beginning. The fantastic thing about OSRS is that it retains its ability to really challenge the participant in many situations and not just over-reward them for nothing like most MMORPGs do now. I haven't gone through the whole content even though I've intermittently played for decades now, but the one thing I've disliked so far is that the artificial difficulty of some quests (like having a particular Agility degree to climb to a mine cart - ffs) but apart from that, Runescape is fantastic. Certainly do give it a go.

    Always been at the Tibia camp, constantly played it in school back when it first came out in 96' and then moved on to Ultima Online, but always kept coming back into Tibia today and thenit was consistently the popular game over here compared to Runescape. I always prefered the good 2D style of Tibia, which is probably why I stuck with all the 2D customer for Ultima Online.The chief reason why I never got into Runescape was the cash grab stuff. The first time I went out of town I discovered a dungeon or something you had to pay to access and I instantly stopped playing RuneScape gold. Course that has probably changed by now. I figure I'll check it out as it releases on mobile.I got a query, possibly peon could do a vid replying it. . .why hasnt anyone else, or even the RS devs themselves made an upgraded graphics version of this game that has everything OS RS has? Would it only be too expensive to do??