How to login or change icloud email ID password? Call Toll Free

  • iCloud Drive is a online storage that can be considered as Apple’s Dropbox. It helps you to keep your data synchronized between different Apple devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc.). You can also access it from a few more devices supported by Apple for icloud email login. This helps you to obtain the latest or updated version of your documents, photos, videos, and more from any device.

    Apart from this, you can also do a lot more functions with your iCloud drive. This includes keeping your files and folders up-to-date, making new folders using iCloud-enabled application, and sharing your data with other users. Right when you set up your iCloud drive, you get 5GB storage space.

    After backing up and synchronizing your data, if you run out of storage, then you can also buy additional space by choosing a preferred plan. iCloud can store any type of file, provided its size doesn’t exceed the total storage space available in it.

    iCloud Drive also allows you to recover the files you delete accidentally. To do the same, you have to visit, sign in to your account, and choose Recently Deleted Items. Go through the list of files displayed there and recover whichever you want.

    Please note that if it has been 30 or more days after you have deleted your files, you will be no longer find the files in the recently deleted items as well; Needless to say that those files cannot be recovered by any means.

    To access other files stored on the iCloud Drive, go to change icloud password from any of the supported web browsers. For fetching the same on your Mac, open the iCloud drive in Finder. For further information on anything associated with the iCloud drive, contact iCloud support number and get help from a certified and experienced technician.

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