Analytics, BigData, & Business Intelligence Consulting

  • Dozens of brands are incorporating Business intelligence Consulting (BI) and BigData consulting to gather a deep insight into user behavior within their brand. 

    Regardless of the type of app – it might be as common as a monthly budget plan or as personal as a period tracker – it’s crucial to have customer’s data for it to serve its purpose efficiently. The information must involve the details such as how customers are moving into the app, their active time, their behavior to pop-ups and notifications, and the phase at which they are leaving the screen.



    Today, Big Data is a non-detachable part of any mobile application. Consumers now demand the perfect blend of real-time data and context, which points to the next action and fulfills the next demand.

    An organizations now have an abundant of reasons to use big data. And, one such reason is to enhance customer experience.  Another aim from adopting data analytics is cost reduction, target market, etc. Big data and business intelligence go hand-in-hand. Various daily-based software applications are built using big data, BI, & analytics.

    These three technologies have the potential to incorporate with any type of organization.      

    Many companies have used these three to provide a better experience to their user, keep a track of user insights and increase sales. 

    Some Examples of BI, Big Data, and Analytics around us

    • Siri & Cortana

    The famous and widely used personal assistants – Cortana and Siri are the perfect examples of how BI and Big Data work together to meet our demands. These two are placed in our lives seamlessly making mobile access easier and faster.

    In addition, Cortana can forecast a FIFA match using Big Data that has enhanced mobile technology in many ways.   

    • Roambi

    Over 20% of Fortune 50 companies use Roambi and for a good reason. This app transforms raw business data into interactive graphics, which are used by the enterprises. It uses famous information systems such as – Cognos, Salesforce, Excel, and Microsoft SQL to gather all the data.  

    • Spotify

    It’s an on-demand music platform that uses Hadoop to analyze data from millions of its global users. Analyzed data is also used to provide music recommendation to individual users.

    One of Pyze’s studies shows that companies that use big data for customer insight increase their app engagement by 35%. That in return brings 20% revenue in return.          

    • Oracle BI Application

    Oracle BI application is for a single enterprise. The app caters intelligence across the organization by using unstructured data. This assesses customer data at all levels of the customer journey, to enhance and maximize each departmental team’s effectiveness.

    The Future

    BI is estimated to raise total business revenue to double of the existing one. Big Data is imperative for the app market and analytics are the pillars of any enterprise. 



    The revenue is directly proportionate to the app usage. Customer data is growing everyday and to gather such gigantic information, you need fast, sustainable and reliable technology that only the combination of Big Data, analytics and Business intelligence Consulting can provide.

    Therefore, it’s clear that these three key software applications will change the business game and help the entrepreneur to augment their revenue as much as possible.