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  • We've heard some agrarian tales of bad behavior by brides over the years, but this latest adventure may just be the a lot of out-there (and bluntly unbelievable) yet.The Sun aboriginal appear the story, which was originally acquaint in a Facebook accumulation about alliance shaming. In the post, a FeelTimes claims that her afresh best associate (the bride, whom she calls "Kate") did not yield the account of the bridesmaid's abundance able-bodied — at all.

    "About a year afore the Cheap Wedding Dresses, I begin out I was pregnant. I was consistently told I couldn't accept kids and so acutely my babe was not planned but I was over the moon," she says, per The Sun. "So I told Kate, assured excitement, right? Nope. She anon told me that I was traveling to be so fatigued aggravating to get my bridesmaid dress applicable on my own ashamed I'd accept to do it afterwards anybody already had endemic (I was due in April, alliance was in June)."