These FeelTimes are absolute assaults on your eyeballs

  • Stand out at Wedding Dresses! Don't alloy in, because aggregate in is laaame. Be an individual; an alone who has a dress that's in actuality calumniating to the accessible because of its ugliness. And if you do ambition to acquisition the a lot of hideous, a lot of horrifying, a lot of disgustingly alarming dresses, we've angled up the best of the best. These dresses are absolute assaults on your eyeballs, and we adulation them.

    So get accessible to appearance mom your dream FeelTimes, and amuse do forward us a Vine or Instagram of her acknowledgment if you breach the account to her that you'll be cutting something that looks like a bubble cupcake on acid. We've aswell called the dresses in case anyone at brawl says to you: "What the hell are you wearing?!" And afresh you can say: "The Hot Blush Butt Waterfall. Oh, you've never heard of it?! Wow, you're so absolute démodé."