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    McAfee Inc. developed the McAfee antivirus software in the year 1987 and till now it has provided complete credibility to the mobile, tablets and PC users for removing the virus, Trojans, malware and other suspicious worms. It can be seen as one of the reliable software which can protect your data in this growing age of globalization and tech-friendly scenario. You can easily download McAfee total protection in your system and avail the benefits. The application will scan any new file that has been downloaded or transferred in the system, will also warn you against hazardous websites, etc.


    How to download McAfee total protection?

    The procedure that has been given below talks about downloading the antivirus in a PC or Mac. Follow the steps that are given below and do the needful.

    • Open the web browser and type the address
    • Select the option of free trial or buy now whatever you want and click to download
    • Once done, move to the installation steps.
    • Select the device and the software which you wish to install.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • A serial number will be shown. Note that.
    • Follow the instructions to install the software.


    How to activate the McAfee total protection using a retail card?

    You can easily activate McAfee total protection login with the help of the product card you had purchased from the store. 

    • In the web browser, type the link shown on the retail card.
    • Now choose the desired country and language.
    • After that type the activation code on the card and after that your email address.
    • Submit the same and in the end, verify it.


    How to create a McAfee total protection account?

    Once you have downloaded, installed and activated the subscription of McAfee, you can easily create an account by tapping on to Create My McAfee account.

    • Open the McAfee software that you have downloaded
    • Now go to ‘My Account’ and click to ‘Sign in’
    • Click on ‘Register Now’. Create a new username and password.
    • Follow the instructions as per the prompts


    How to login to McAfee total protection?

    To initiate the process of McAfee total protection login, you can easily follow the steps as now you have already created an account.

    • Go to
    • Open it and choose ‘Have a site’ option situated at the top right corner
    • Now click on the sign in button
    • Enter the email address and password that you had created and log in.
    • If you wish to add another user, then proceed ahead
    • Click on the ‘Avatar image’ and choose your account
    • Select the user in the left-hand corner
    • Now click on insert user and fill the desired information and add the one that you want.


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