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    Adobe is a highly acquainted software in the market. This software helps users in several aspects. There are several products that Adobe provides to the users. Some of those products include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Acrobat. There are several situations where the users would face issues while using a product of Adobe. One such issue is when the users of Adobe Acrobat 9 comes across the error 1606. Adobe Acrobat is software which is commonly used for creating PDF files. When confronted with the error code 1606 on Adobe Acrobat, the users can attain guidance by connecting with Adobe Customer Support Phone Number. The users can also go through this blog to understand this issue more in detail.


    About Adobe Acrobat Error 1606

    When the users come across the error 1606 on Adobe Acrobat 9, they would then not be able to access the network location. This issue can also be related to Startup Location.


    Steps to resolve the error code 1606


    Method 1: Create a new local user account with the Administrative privileges and then install Acrobat.

    • To initiate the process, you would have to right-click on ‘My Computer’ and then choose the option of Manage from the list provided.
    • Further, expand the System Tools option.
    • Now, click on Local Users and Groups and then right-click on Users folder.
    • Then click on the option of ‘New User’ and create a username along with your full name.
    • You can now deselect the change password option at the next login.
    • After that, select the option of Password never expires and then click on create.
    • You would now have to right-click the user account and choose the option of properties.
    • Now click on the ‘Member Of’ tab and then opt for the option of Add.
    • Further, verify that the location is the local computer name.
    • You would now have to enter ‘Administrator’ in the object name of the dialog box.
    • Once you have completed this step, click on OK.
    • You would now have to disable the startup items and then log in to the new user account created.
    • Finally, try and install Acrobat again.


    Method 2: Remove Microsoft Office, install Adobe Acrobat, and then reinstall Microsoft Office.

    • You would have to start by closing all the applications that are open on your system.
    • Now relocate any document that you would want to keep from the Office folder.
    • Further, in the start option, navigate to the Control Panel.
    • You would then have to choose the option of Add or Remove Programs.
    • Now search and find Microsoft Office and then choose to remove it.
    • Once you have completely removed the software from your system, you can then install the Adobe Acrobat.
    • After successfully installing Adobe Acrobat, you can then reinstall the Microsoft Office on your system.


    If you are unable to solve the error code 1606 using the steps given above, then you would have to take up assistance from skilled professionals by connecting with Adobe Tech Support. This service is available throughout the day and is also a toll-free number.


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