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  • Versace Sport Tech Chronograph VERB00618 mens watch As the fashion industry looks to the children's market, Versace has jumped on the bandwagon by opening a new store in milan, the Young Versace children's collection, following its first in Florence, Italy. With the diversification of fashion brands, more and more fashionable parents hope to buy clothes or accessories suitable for their children. When the market is vacant, all fashion brands follow the trend to open children's series, so as to meet the needs of fashion parents to dress up for their children. After opening its first children's wear store in Florence in June 2011, 'Young Versace' was launched in milan in 2012, making the children's wear industry in Italy very popular. The Young Versace collection includes children's clothing and accessories for boys and girls aged 0 to 12, which are both personalized and cute. The name Vanitas has been around for a long time in the history of Versace; Like the rich ornamentation and embroidery that the 1990s fashion series is known for; First chair by Gianni Versace; His influential book series on fashion. In addition, many of Versace's popular men's and women's fragrances were once named after Vanitas.

    Donatella Versace says: "the best replica watches Vanitas accessories collection represents my strong belief in the classic style of Versace. Incorporating the most iconic elements of the brand, such as Medusa and baroque, into this collection of handbags, leather shoes and small accessories. I re-interpretation of the brand's past style, re-blooming glory. "Vanitas is a rich, far-reaching and vibrant design concept that is luxurious yet full of meaning."

    Versace Time To Relax Time To Relax series allows you To Relax body and mind, detoxifier purification, as a soothing body and mind panacea, allowing you To enter the oasis of tranquility at any Time and anywhere, kaba is the Pacific tropical island growth pepper plants, with freesia, butter flower, can relieve nerves! Shuhuo series is rich in natural herbal essence, allowing you to reduce fatigue in the busy life, stay for a moment of leisure!
    The taste of Versace is mature, and it is far from enough to express with its richness. In terms of overall design, this perfume is a classic of classics. A mix of freshness and floral fragrance that shows the character of the brand new VERSACE perfume. This mixed fragrance interprets a unique and rich element. VERSACE is a perfume specially designed for modern women today. The front notes are fresh and vibrant flowers; The middle notes are full of emotional spring daffodils; The final note feels velvety. The packaging of VERSACE emphasizes the pure yet delicate nature of the perfume itself. The elegant material reflects the freshness and purity of this brand new Versace perfume. The Medusa logo is prominently embedded in the center of the bottle, and the exquisite silver bottle cap is engraved with the classic Greek back pattern.
    Versace Ethereal Essences is a floral green fragrance for women and men versace watch men .