Why Switch from Wet Seals to Dry Gas Seals

  • When it comes to using seals, dry gas seals are really making their way into the industry at the moment. Compared to the wet seals which are traditional, dry gas seals offer the improvement which has been missing from the work conditions in the gas and oil business. A lot of mechanical seal manufacturers also recommend switching from the wet seals to the dry gas seals. The end-users are still trying to comprehend which one should they opt for.

    There are several reasons that you might want to keep in mind when you are split between these two choices.

    Wet Seals or Dry Gas Seals?

    At the moment, dry gas seals are hailed as the optimal choice by the mechanical seals manufacturers. If you want to know why, look at all these points for a brief understanding.

    A Reliable Choice

    First and foremost reason for switching from wet seals to dry gas seals is the reliability. This retrofitting will allow you to rest assured that you have invested in a long term plan. Since dry gas seals are a no-contact seal type, they simply prevent any type of seal wear. Usually, dry gas seals might operate for up to 10 years if they don’t suffer any wear or tear by rest of the components.

    Prevents Environmental Harm

    A huge reason that the dry gas seals are being used in comparison to wet seals now is that they are more efficient in preventing damage caused to the atmosphere when the oil contamination takes place. There will be less leakage of gas generally.

    Less Costly

    You will also notice that the energy cost will decrease when you switch to dry gas seals. Wet seals require working with degassing tank heating and other things which require energy. But the dry gas seals take care of everything on their own and do not use power.

    Maintenance is Easy

    When you use dry gas seals you will notice a dramatic change in need for maintenance too. These types of seals don’t require frequent and regular maintenance and can work just fine for a long time. Moreover, this will cut you back on cost too further making them economical compared to the wet seals.

    Reduction of the Emission

    One of the many reasons that mechanical seal manufacturers think dry gas seals are better than wet seals is the decrease in emission. In fact, the gas leakage is decreases 10-fold which is an immense change in the industry. This is due to the gaps between the two seal faves.

    Improvement in Quality

    And finally, the greatest reason for the switch from wet seals to dry gas seals should be because of the quality which improves. There will be less contamination in the processed gas. There will be no more payments for a separate cleansing process.

    In other words, according to mechanical seal manufacturers, dry gas seals are the best option right now. If you want to work with something efficient and technologically improved, dry gas seals are a great choice.