What are the ideal On-Page SEO strategies?

  • On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing the website individually to obtain a higher ranking on the search engine. To rank at the top of the search engine and get more traffic to your website you have to follow some techniques or can say strategies. Go through the entire blog carefully to get the on-page SEO tips. Here we have some quick piece of knowledge for you which will help you to rank your website.

    Make a title with your targeted keyword

    The title is the first piece of content which will read by the user or crawler. If the title has the keyword then the keyword will be put up by the crawler.

    Write attention seeking Meta description for each and every page

    The Meta description should be relevant enough to the website because it is shown just next to the title and URL in the search result.

    Target the keyword in the web link

    When you will include the keyword in the link you will ensure that your site is all about the specified keyword, this is another reason for Google to consider your webpage to rank it higher for the specified keyword.

    Pay attention to the content

    Web content must be unique, relevant to the website and easy to understand, as it is the body of the whole website and simplifies the site in front of the user and search engine too.

    Image optimization

    Images are one of the most important parts of a website because images make the webpage visually attractive as well as they are faster to convey the message. Make sure that all the pictures you have on your webpage have file names including targeted keywords. Make your targeted keyword a part of image alt text. This will helps the search engine to know the exact motive of your web page.

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