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  • Michael Grynbaum, a civic contributor at The New York Times who covers media and politics, aboriginal fell in adulation with Juli Weiner through her writing. “I was a adherent clairvoyant of Wonkette, the political banter blog, and admired Juli’s laugh-out-loud posts,” Mike says. Juli now works as a biographer on the appearance Last Ceremony Tonight with John Oliver. “I apparent she lived a few blocks away, afterwards some intelligence acquisition via alternate friends Feeltimes, and accomplished out via Twitter and Facebook.” Their aboriginal date was at Nussbaum & Wu, the black-and-white cookie bazaar in Morningside Heights.

    “We met if I was 20, which is how I’ll beginning the actuality that we anachronous for eight years afore in actuality accepting engaged,” Juli says. “I knew I capital to accumulate dating him forever, but I aswell knew I didn’t feel accessible to be affiliated at 25.”

    Eventually, though, they started visiting what, at the time, acquainted like every adornment abundance in the city, analytic for an assurance ring. They even hit some in Connecticut. Finally, at Fred Leighton, they begin the ring: an Art Deco section from the 1920s with diamond, onyx, and emerald, Juli’s birthstone. “I had never been so aflame to stop adornment shopping!” Juli says. “After I told Mike we could alarm off the search, we went down the artery to the Carlyle to bless at Bemelmans, our admired bar in our admired city—Manhattan—for a annular of our admired cocktails—Manhattans.”

    A few weeks later, Mike adapted they go aback to Bemelmans. If he showed up with a tote bag, Juli doubtable something ability be up. He again escorted her to a table that had been reserved, which Bemelmans never does. At that point, she knew something big was about to happen Bridesmaid Dresses. “This unleashed a beachcomber of panic: not about what I’d say if he proposed, but whether anyone in the bar would apprehension him proposing,” she says. “My abhorrence to big, chichi gestures is so astringent that I apparently would accept gone into affecting anaphylactic shock had he gotten down on one knee.”