Where to buy fantastic wedding dresses?

  • She got affiliated in December, to a guy she'd accustomed for a year. I helped plan her wedding. I hosted her conjugal battery and bachelorette party. I paid for the aliment and bought ability for both. I was MOH for her and paid for my dress, alterations, hair, makeup, nails, etc. My bedmate was their officiant and paid for his certificate, tux rental, etc. We aswell had two nights in a hotel. And I watched her babe while she was on her honeymoon. All calm we paid about $3000 for her wedding.

    My wedding? My sister absent her attach arrangement (so I had to go alone), had me babysit her babe all weekend, showed up backward for the call dinner, overslept the morning of (half an hour backward to hair and makeup), didn't acknowledge me for the present I gave her, didn't accord us a agenda or a gift, didn't acquaint me I looked nice or was marrying a abundant guy, and hasn't texted me aback the wedding Homecoming Dresses. My bedmate thinks she's anxious (we're financially secure/own a house, she isn't). But even so, I woke up arrant the morning afterwards my alliance because my animosity were hurt.

    I'm not abiding if this counts as alliance drama, but my approaching mother-in-law alleged endure anniversary to ask my approaching bedmate for $18,000. That's added than we're spending on our alliance that we are paying for ourselves. Just no.

    My sister said she wouldn't arise to my alliance because I had a Muslim brace on the bedfellow list... She aswell said she wouldn't be my maid of honor FeelTimes.com. We are 5 months out and she IS advancing to the alliance but has absitively not to be a allotment of the conjugal party.