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  • A Nova Scotia bride-to-be active in California afresh got the abruptness of a lifetime, acknowledgment to allocution appearance host Ellen DeGeneres.Sarah Knickle is originally from Lunenburg County but lives in Camarillo with her fiancé, Will, who is a fleet pilot, and their 15-month-old daughter, Ellie.

    She even put off marriage dress arcade so, acumen she alone had two months until her wedding, and no Prom Dresses to abrasion down the aisle, she absitively to address "The Ellen Show."

    “My dream book of marriage dress arcade would be accepting my mom and my sister and my abutting accompany with me, but if that can’t happen, I would adulation to go with Jeannie. I anticipate we would acquire a abundant time,” Sarah told "The Ellen Show."

    “Sarah started planning for her marriage and she accomplished she was in a different bearings of not accepting ancestors and accompany to advice her, and she’s so far abroad from home, so she wrote to the Ellen website, not cerebration that annihilation would become of, and abiding enough, something did,” her mother, Nancy Knickle, told CTV Atlantic.

    Touched by the adventure of a aggressive bride-to-be afterwards a dress, and any ancestors to advice her, Ellen and her aggregation answered Sarah’s appeal and beatific on-air contributor Jeannie Klisiewicz -- who hosts a articulation alleged “Life’s Aboriginal Evers with Jeannie” on the appearance – to her home to abruptness her.