How to Setup TrendMicro Apex One As Service to Sync Suspicious

  • Apex One is the automatic, insight, all-in-one endpoint security from the trusted leader. TrendMicro Apex One utilizes a blend of advanced threat protection techniques to eradicate security gaps across any user activity & any endpoint. It persistently learns, adapts, and automatically shares threat intelligence athwart your surroundings. With the WWWtrendmicroCom/Setup help learn to setup this to sync doubtful object with on-premise TrippingPoint.

    • Set up a server first in the DMZ that can connect to the On-premise TippingPoint server.

    DIRECTION ALLOW RULES INBOUND TCP, port: 4433. (Source is Apex One as a Service) OUTBOUND The server address and port for the On-Premise TippingPoint server.

    • Configure the firewall settings of this DMZ server.
    • Click here to download Apex One as a Service remote connection tool.
    • Once downloaded, you can extract it.
    • Now install the downloaded file on the DMZ host. Keep the extracted packages files under the “Apex One as a Service remote connection tool” folder into “C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\Smart Relay” (create the folder if needed) on the host. Later execute install.bat as an admin to set up Smart relay as service. But do not start Smart Relay.
    • Configure the remote connection toll in apricot_config.xml.
    • By running the “net start smart relay” command, you can start the Smart Relay service.
    • Now you have to complete registration of TippingPoint to synchronize suspicious objects from Apex One as a service.
    • Sign into Apex Central as a Service console.
    • Click Threat Inter and select Distribution Settings.
    • Click the TippingPoint
    • Now for the Tipping Point, input the user name and password correctly.
    • Hit the Save button to save the made changes.

    W hope you have successfully completed the process. You can also set up M Apex One as a service to synchronize the doubtful objects with On-Premise Apex central. There is also proper guidelines and procedure to be followed. To learn that you reach our experts, for more info visit WWW.trendmicro.Com/Setup. Our certified techies will be glad to attend your calls and serve you the best.


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