How to fix AT&T Wireless Internet Connection?

  • AT&T internet provides an amazing browsing speed and error-free functionality that makes it the world’s best internet service provider among the users. But sometimes users also confront numerous problems when using their AT&T wireless internet connection and especially when it stops working. A wide range of reasons are responsible behind the not working issue of AT&T wireless internet but it never means that you can’t fix this problem. If you want to fix AT&T not working issue of the internet, then you can follow the very simple and straightforward mentioned instructions.
    Here are the steps to fix AT&T wireless internet connection issue:
    • Make sure that your router gateway is at least 3 feet from your appliances because of a far range between your router and the gateway can also cause behind the not working issue of AT&T internet.
    • Reboot your modem to fix AT&T not working problems which is one of the best ways to get rid of multiple issues including the wireless internet. You can easily reboot your modem automatically or manually.
    • Check your AT&T gateway’s light, broadband and other necessary things and ensure that they are well connected to each other.
    • Ensure that your modem or gateway is properly connected to the power source and each wire is properly connected from modem to the router.
    With these above-mentioned methods, AT&T not working issue of wireless internet connection can be fixed very easily and if you are not able to fix this problem, then contact the customer service team for better support for resolving the variety of issues related to AT&T internet.