How to fix Google Chrome not Responding Windows 10?

  • Google Chrome is really an amazing browser which is highly famous for its best in class browsing features that make it the world’s best browser. But like other browsers, Google Chrome is not escaped from technical issues and there are many users who always complain about the multiple hiccups when using their browser and not responding is one among those. There are multiple reasons behind the Google Chrome not responding issue and one can very easily get rid of this problem after applying some easy steps.

    Here are the simple steps to fix Google Chrome not responding problem:

    Update your Google Chrome

    Sometimes an older Google Chrome browser any cause multiple issues. So you have to update your Chrome via below steps:

    • Open Google Chrome and then click on the menu icon which is available on the top-right corner side of the screen.

    • Now click on Help.

    • Now click on About Google Chrome link.

    • After that, check if any update version is available and then click on Update option to update your browser.

    Remove any unwanted extension

    An unwanted extension or plug-in also take effect on the functionality of Google Chrome and you can easily fix Google Chrome not responding issues after removing the extensions through the below steps:

    • Click on the menu and then click on More Tools.

    • Now click on Extensions and then you can see the installed extensions.

    • Click on Remove tab to remove that particular extension.

    These above described will help to fix Google Chrome not responding Windows 10 issue in a very simple way and if you are still confronting problems to fix this issue, then contact the customer support team for better assistance for resolving the multiple problems related to the Google Chrome.