How to fix “Outlook Not Accepting Password”?

  • Are you trying to open your Outlook by entering your password? But it is showing an error say Incorrect Password again and again? Then it means there is something went wrong for that you are not able to access your Outlook account after entering the correct password. There could be multiple reasons behind the Outlook not accepting password and you can very easily fix this problem after applying some required solutions.

     Quick solution for Outlook not accepting password issue:

     Solution 1: Rename the exchange server

     By renaming your exchange server in Outlook, you can very easily fix this problem and for this, you can follow the below steps:

     • First of all, go to the Control Panel from your computer and then open the mail application.

     • Click on E-mail accounts.

     • Now you can see a list of email accounts from the mailbox and then click on the Change tab.

     • Now click on More Settings and then select Connection.

     • Select Exchange Proxy settings and then rename the Exchange Proxy settings.

     • Click on OK and then restart your Outlook.

     Solution 2: Re-create Outlook profile

     You can also resolve this issue by re-creating a new profile on Outlook and it can be done through the below steps:

     • First of all, open the Control Panel in your computer and then click on Mail.

     • Now Click on Show Profiles option and then you can see a list of Outlook profile.

     • Now delete your Outlook and then close the Outlook.

     • Open your Outlook again and then create a new Outlook profile.

     • After that, apply the on-screen instructions and then sign in to your Outlook by using the correct username and password.

     By applying these above simple methods, you can resolve the Outlook not accepting password issue in a very smooth manner and in case these steps do not help to fix this issue, then contact the customer support team of Outlook and gain the revered assistance to resolve the varied issues related to Outlook.