What equipment do I need to start a landscaping business

  • Preparing to become a full-time landscape designer raises many questions. What do you need to start a landscaping company? What kind of equipment should you use? What is the first step to the opening? How do you find customers? Learning the answers to these questions is essential for a safe business opening.

    Let's start with the landscaping equipment you use to provide your customers with the service they need. Choose the landscaping equipment you buy or rent based on the type of basic services you offer to avoid investing in tools that you do not use.

    US Lawns Partnerships:

    When you start a landscaping company with US-based turf, you benefit from numerous benefits, including our partnerships with equipment suppliers such as Exmark / Toro, John Deere and Sunbelt Rentals. We are a national company with locations in more than 40 states. The strength of our brand assures you exclusive discounts and offers.

    Get your customers first:

    What is the best advice we can give you when setting up your business? Find customers before investing in business appliances. We urge all our franchisees to wait to buy equipment before they win customers, simply because they know what equipment to buy or rent. Every customer has different needs, so it does not make sense to buy multiple zero-turn mowers if your first job requires smaller hand-held mowers.

    Choose equipment based on services:

    After finding customers, you may be wondering what it takes to start a landscaping business. The equipment is crucial for the care and beautification of commercial areas. So invest in the tools that will help you in your work. It is equally important to know when a device needs to be bought, leased or rented.

    Now that you know what services your customers expect from you, you can buy or rent your equipment.

    Lawn Care:

    From mowing to folding to ventilation, lawn care requires a lot of work and equipment. Maintaining grass and lawns is likely to spend much of your time, as these areas usually make up most of the commercial area. The choice of equipment that can perform a variety of tasks makes lawn care easier.


    Maintaining your customer's irrigation systems requires regular checks, maintenance, and repairs to keep everything in top shape. They work hard to keep these lawns green and the flowerbeds to grow, and poor irrigation can get in the way. Follow the latest developments in pumps and motors to make sure the irrigation systems are working efficiently.

    Flowerbeds and cosmetic landscaping:

    Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is the nuts and bolts of landscaping. This may include keeping grass green or planting and cultivating beautiful flowers and shrubs. Many commercial customers like to color their homes to make them more seasonal. Multi-purpose utility vehicles can help to beautify, as their numerous attachments are suitable for a variety of uses.

    Plant Health:

    Fertilization, pest control and the prevention of weeds are crucial to the health of your customers. Weekends and pesticides are part of the basic equipment of the landscape designer. If you buy them from some of our partners, you can save money.

    Snow and ice:

    For business customers, it is important that you offer services throughout the year. This means that you can provide snow and ice management services during the winter months when you live in a snow market. Our clients expect their homes to remain safe and accessible after a winter storm. It is our job to keep their businesses moving. From snow plows and snow blowers to salt spreaders and fluxes, a variety of equipment and materials are needed to provide responsive service. If you become a franchisee of US Lawns, your access to our suppliers is just another benefit of working in our excellent network. Equipment is an integral part of our work and we work hard to ensure that our franchisees have access to the suppliers who do the work.


    Basic lawn care consists of mowing, edging and trimming. Shrub and hedge trimming are often offered as an additional service, but this is more time consuming and requires more manual skill than mowing. Lawn businesses sometimes send two people to a job site for one person to mow, while the other kills and cuts the areas the mower can't reach.