Many red shoes are really beautiful

  • As anyone who’s beat a Bridesmaid Dresses will acquaint you, traveling to the bath in one of these apparel is no simple feat. You’re afraid about accidentally peeing on the dress or the achievability of the clothes agriculture the gross bath floor. You aswell accept to accord with a abridgement of privacy: Having a bridesmaid or two in the arrest with you to authority up the dress while you abate yourself is not an ideal scenario, decidedly if you’re pee shy.

    A helpmate called Tina, who got affiliated in May 2018, came up with a ablaze solution, which she aggregate on the blog Ikea Hackers Feeltimes. It addresses the aloft concerns, costs next to annihilation and doesn’t crave any appropriate DIY skills. All you charge is one of those big dejected Frakta arcade accoutrements from Ikea ($1.49), a brace of scissors and 5 minutes. (Tina asked that we not cover her endure name and marriage location, as to assure her privacy.)