How to search the transactions on the reports page of PayPal?

  • PayPal is one of the online payment systems used to transfer money online.PayPal also provides a Paypal debit card to its users, as it has not limited its presence online. You can use PayPal MasterCard to purchase the items at the local stores, online retails accepting MasterCard payments. If you want to withdraw cash from your ATM, you can withdraw cash like withdrawing money from the bank account.

    You can download the PayPal application on your mobile from the App store or the Google play to use its user to pay the merchant participating with PayPal to make a payment with a one-touch option. You can also send or request funds by sending a custom link fund request or accepting it via text, email, or other messaging platforms.

    This feature of sending and receiving money through text, email, and other messaging platforms is known as The structured custom link is requested, and this feature is available to the users of 18 countries around the world. While using PayPal if you need help, call us on PayPal support number.

    Be it a bank account, or the PayPal account, we need to keep track of the transactions in our accounts. The bank provides the login ID and the password for internet and application banking. In the same way, you can check the transactions on your PayPal account by login using your sign in credentials.

    Finding transfers

    You can go to the reports page to find the payout transaction history.

    • Log in to your PayPal account.

    • Click on the reports on the top of the page and select the transaction, then click on the transaction finder.

    • You need to define the search criteria on the transaction finder page.

    • You need to enter the recipient ID in the search keyword(s) field. For example, enter the recipient email address if you have used an email address of a recipient while sending the payout.

    • You can use the date range calendar to define the date range.

    • From the transaction type drop-down menu, select the Payout option.

    • You need to click on the Filter your result to get the additional filters.

    • Then you need to hit on a search button.

    The information displayed on the search transaction result for the transactions matching your search criteria will list the date, type, name, subject, gross amount, fees, and the net amount.

    You can perform the following actions within the list:

    • You can categorize the transactions by a name or a gross amount.

    • To print copy, click on print.

    • Select a file type you would like to save a file and click on download.

    Creating activity download report

    The transaction made on your PayPal account in 3 years can be created and downloaded in detail. You can follow the steps given below:

    • Log in to your PayPal account.

    • Go to the activity download by clicking on reports.

    • Define your search criteria and click on create.

    The activity report will be displayed the search criteria matching your search request.

    If you require any assistance from PayPal, call us on PayPal support phone number +(1)-877-207-4415 to speak to the experts available 24/7/365.