How to Setup Manual Payroll in QuickBooks 2019 Desktop

  • Using manual payroll is a way old tradition. But still today there are bunch of accountants who prefer it. The option of generating manual payroll is available only in QuickBooks desktop. This facility can be available by the owners of the small business who cannot afford payroll subscription. Hence, keeping their requirement in mind here is the blog that will help you in setting up manual payroll. For more accounting information contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-844-235-3996.


    Follow the basic steps and you will be able to set up manual version within a short time frame.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setup Manual Payroll in QuickBooks

    • Search on help option and select QuickBooks Desktop Help
    • In order to find manual payroll in the application, type Calculate Payroll Manually in the search box
    • You will get multiple topics related to payroll. All you have to find and click on Calculating Payroll taxes Manually (Select the one that does not have subscription)
    • As the page opens, go through the entire information carefully. Make sure that you do not miss official statement.

    Note: The Company is not responsible for incorrect calculation, if the user selects manual payroll

    • You will come across dialogue box that mention “Set your company files to use the manual payroll calculations setting’
    • Now, click on the words manual payroll calculations and wait till another window opens up
    • As soon as you land on the new page, a new dialogue box will open stating: “are you sure you want to set your company file to use manual calculations?”
    • We will not recommend you to turn on manual payroll in QuickBooks desktop
    • Now, search for the option that says “Set my Company files for making use of manual Calculations”

    Follow the steps and switch to manual payroll

    • As you click on the button, you receive an advisory message stating: “You can now write your paycheck amounts in a manual form. If you have an already active QuickBooks Payroll Service Subscription, contact the official experts of Payroll Service. They will cancel your subscription and set you free from later charges.”
    • Click on Ok button
    • Now you can successfully use manual payroll but it is still required to switch on Payroll preference
      • Click on Edit option and Select Preference
      • Click on Company Preference option, under the payroll and employee
    • You will notice that the option such as payroll checks and others, which were earlier switched off are now visible and active

    Hopefully, the above steps will help you in setting up manual payroll. QuickBooks 24*7 Support Phone Number 1-844-235-3996 for any problem.