Why You Should Install the BMW Reversing Camera On Your Older M

  • Although your older model of BMW did not come fitted with a reversing camera, it doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy the many benefits that come with this innovative gadget. There are numerous options for retrofitting a reverse camera into your vehicle. However, many manufacturers, including BMW, have opted to supply the reverse cameras separate in order to monetize the desire of those with older car models to have the latest technology, without buying a whole new car. Read on to learn why you should install the BMW reversing camera in your older model.


    Why Buy a BMW Reversing Camera Separate?

    There are many people who choose to buy second-hand cars, as opposed to new ones to cut down costs. Many second-hand vehicles are in excellent condition as they have been carefully cared for by previous owners and therefore are expected to last many years with a new owner if care is continued. One downside to this is the lack of innovative technologies such as the BMW reversing camera. Today, reverse cameras have become a staple part of driving. They are necessary due to the challenge that parking poses as a result of more cars on the road and bigger vehicles that are more commonplace today. Buying the BMW Reversing Camera separately allows the owner to reap the benefits of a newer model without having to buy a new BMW.


    What Does the BMW Reversing Camera Do?

    Having the BMW reversing camera retrofitted means that it will appear to be part of the car, similarly to how it would look if it was built-in at the factory. The camera at the rear of the car sends an image to the monitor which is placed at the dashboard. The camera shows the driver the surrounding area and obstacles at the back of the vehicle for a better view when parking. A light is fitted with the camera to allow a clearer view at night. Also, the BMW reversing camera monitor provides guidelines that mark out the shape and direction the car is heading depending on where the wheels are facing. This helps the driver avoid obstacles and also reduces the chances of having to retry the park multiple times due to not approaching at the correct angle.


    Where to Get It Fitted

    You can purchase the BMW Reversing Camera from various retailers, who often offer to fit the camera for you as well. Many people are tempted to purchases an off-brand reversing camera as you can get them for as cheap at £50 from Amazon. However, fitting the camera will be impossible for someone with no experience with car electronics. What you may also find is most fitters will refuse to fit a product that they haven’t provided. This is due to not knowing the inner workings of the device. You are best to look for a quality fitter in your local area that also sells the correct BMW reversing camera model for your vehicles.