Essays for Personal Growth: Learning to Be Your Own Best Advoca

  • As a young person, navigating adulthood is often a harrowing journey due to the unexpected pitfalls and unforeseen obstacles. At school, college and university we are taught to plan for our future, yet oftentimes life doesn’t turn out the way that we hope it will. This is not to say that your life is not a happy and successful one. However, for those who are in a state of limbo or suddenly steered in the opposite direction, whether it be in your career, love life, or any other aspect of life, it is common to feel lonely, anxious, like you have failed and feeling unsure of yourself. This mini personal growth essay intends to help you learn to overcome this negative thought cycle and to learn how to be your own best advocate.


    Work Hard to Get into Healthy Habits

    Self-care is not all facemasks and bubble baths, but instead, at its deepest level, is about cultivating healthy practise and setting goals for yourself. Examples of this include scheduling dental appointments, setting aside time to make your lunches the night before, set yourself a realistic budget and sticking to it, or even as basic as remembering to hang up your washing after it’s done. Whatever your personal goals, the reward you feel when sticking to them is immeasurable. We will each find certain goals more difficult than others, but the important part is learning to advocate for ourselves in any way that we can.


    Be Kind to Yourself

    By the same token, we must always forgive ourselves when we fail. We won’t always stick to or budget or remember every little thing and that’s okay – it is part of the human condition. However, by making a conscious effort to improve, you will find you get better over time and eventually your new healthy rules will become habit. When this happens you can set new goals that perhaps would have been unfathomable when you first started your healthy habit journey. In the meantime, when you do make a mistake, be kind to yourself, you will do better next time. Plus, it’s always good to live a little.


    Essays for Personal Growth: Be True to You

    One of the common pitfalls on the journey to being your own best advocate is to set yourself the same goals as others even if they are not true to you and your journey. Social media is the biggest culprit in influencing our self-esteem, self-worth and ideas of what we should be doing. Although it is very difficult, you must separate social media from your real life, as the two are separate entities. Get to know yourself and do the things that make you happy, even if it’s not what “everyone else” is doing. This could be as simple as trying a new haircut or as complex as standing firm on political beliefs that differ from those of your friends and family. By being honest with ourselves we can be our own best advocates.